Renault Traffic Van

One of the most competitive segments in the market is the light commercial vehicle segment, and with Renault leading as Europe’s number one LCV manufacturer, the Renault Traffic Van is worth giving some attention.


Even though the Traffic Van is not a “bona fide head-tuner” it is purposely built to get any job done thoroughly, and has an impressive payload capacity of up to 1200kg. That’s equivalent to 8 baby elephants! Once you’re inside you’ll find style that conforms to Renault’s current designs.


Powered by a 1.6 dci diesel with direct commonrail with fixed turbo develops an impressive 88kW at 3500rpm so carrying that extra load shouldn’t ever problem. In comparison to its predecessor the latest Traffic Van is more fuel efficient and much more practical to drive.

With smarter looks, improved cabin quality, and plenty technology, the third-generation Renault Traffic aims to build on the huge success of its predecessor.

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Meet The 2017 Renault Kangoo Express

The Renault Kangoo Express was introduced to South Africans in 2011. With a significant increase in the demand for the light commercial vehicles, the Kangoo Express is a combination of reliability and efficiency.

Recently, Renault launched an all-new 2017 Kangoo Express van, featuring more intelligent innovations, better fuel economy and class-leading safety features.

Designed with confident styling, the 2017 Kangoo Express is bolder and wider than its predecessor with a new front end, signature-style Renault grille and rear swing doors, convenient for space and heavy-duty purposes. Perfect for the urban congestion lifetsyle, the 2017 Kangoo Express makes hard work seem effortless with an impressive payload capacity of up to 800kg.


Powered by a 1.6-litre 16 Valve multipoint injection petrol engine which develops 77kW of power with 148Nm at 3750 rpm. On the road, the 2017 Kangoo Express offers driving precision and comfort with t


With standard active safety features which include ABS, Electric Brake-Force Distribution (EBD) and driver airbags. The Renault Kangoo Express is the ideal vehicle for couriering or for the individual with an  on-the-move business.

To test drive the Kango Express, visit, today.

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Choose Bidvest McCarthy Renault

At Bidvest McCarthy Renault, our pledge is to provide our customers with reliable new, pre-owned and demo vehicles. Essentially, our commitment to customers, is to ensure that they have a stellar experience in our dealerships, whether purchasing or servicing their vehicle, and leave with a positive memory.

Each one of our four dealerships are of world-class standards and have a competent team of staff, ready to assist you in all aspects of purchasing, maintaining your car and replacing parts. If you’re unsure about which Renault vehicle is best for you, speak to one of our professional sales executives about our entire range of reliable Renault cars.

Through our aftersales products and services, we make sure that your vehicle is well taken care of long after your purchase. Whether you’d like to book a service or replace a part, you can do it all at your one-stop shop, Bidvest McCarthy Renault.

Additional services and benefits of buying your car from Bidvest McCarthy Renault include: Comprehensive insurance; shortfall protection; body guard; tyre guard; warranties; auto settlement and Bidvest Club McCarthy.

For the best deals on new, pre-owned and demo vehicles, look no further than Bidvest McCarthy Renault.

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Drive Safe This Winter with Renault

Driving in winter can be very dangerous, and motorists need to be extra vigilant on the road. At Bidvest McCarthy Renault, we understand that every season comes with its pros and cons for motorists, so familiarising yourself with the weather-change can be conducive for your safety. For instance, you might have certain patterns or precautions you use to drive in summer that you don’t use in autumn.

With that being said, we’ve listed 5 tips that could help you enjoy safer driving this winter.

Avoid driving tired

Before you hit the road, always make sure you’ve had enough rest. The more awake and energised you feel, the more vigilant and alert you can be on the road.

Check tyres

Regardless of the season, always make sure you check that your tyres’ pressure is appropriate, or visit your nearest filling station for assistance with checking.

Don’t use cruise control when driving on a slippery surface

In the event that the road is icy and slippery, avoid using driving features like cruise control, or slamming the brakes, for better control in such situations

Keep a first-aid kit and a blanket in the car

We all know things happens when we least expect it, and most of the times its unpredictable events. Even if you’re insured and your car breaks down, you still have to wait for the tow truck to get to your location.  That’s why it’s best to always keep a small blanket in your car and a first-aid kit at all times.

Accelerate and decelerate slowly and don’t slam the brakes

If it happens to snow in your area this winter, when you’re out on the road, make sure to accelerate and decelerate slowly, as it can be very easy to lose traction. In addition, avoid slamming the brakes, to prevent the car from losing control.

Don’t wait for the summer. Get your dream car today, only at Bidvest McCarthy Renault.

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Leave Competitors in the Dust with the Renault Duster

The new and powerful Renault Duster is a compact SUV, and is potentially the most masculine car ever built by Renault. With bold and sporty looks, impressive power and an aggressive stance – the Duster offers you an opportunity to view life from a new and adventurous angle.

With its sleek design and imposing body, the Renault Duster is perfectly suited for those who have an unshakable eagerness for the exciting outdoor life. On the road, the Renault provides a smooth and comfortable ride, with a sense of compliance. Off-road, the Duster feels right at home, as if it were in its natural habitat.


Available in both 2 and 4-wheel-drive, the Renault Duster has an elevated ride height, providing the driver with type of view and visibility you can only get from a high-standing SUV. There are four impressive variants to choose from, and with both diesel and petrol engines ranging from 1.5 to 1.6-litre, you have a comprehensive selection between four equally remarkable derivatives.

ABS, Emergency Brake Assist, driver, front head, thorax, side and passenger airbags all come as standard in the Duster, ensuring maximum protection for driver and vehicle occupants.

To test drive the new Renault Duster, visit Bidvest McCarthy Renault, today.

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The Courageous Kwid

Since 2015, Renault has made notable enhancements to the Renault Kwid. The Kwid is a sprightly, authoritative cross-over, designed for comfort, and packed with impressive safety features as standard. With cars like our new Kwid, it’s no surprise why the South African automotive market is warming up to the idea of more cross-overs on the road.

With a design inspired by adventure and valiance, every aspect of the Kwid, makes it stylish enough to be top of its class.

There’s no exception to great comfort. The inside has a great look and feel, and the tactile, soft-touch materials, the Kwid, make it quite an accommodating vehicle. Packed with a host of advanced technologies, including Renault’s MediaNav® Multimedia – the inside is a fun as the exterior looks.


Rest assured that Kwid provides great ride comfort and impressive pulling power from a 1.0 litre engine, with no shortage on power, but very frugal on the tank.

Striking to the eyes and enchanting to the heart, the Kwid is the result of Renault’s innovative methodology to building cutting-edge vehicles. Standard safety features include, Hi safety Pro-sense front seats belts, driver airbag and central locking system.

To test drive the Renault Kwid, visit Bidvest McCarthy Renault today.

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The Dynamic Clio RS

The say Dynamite comes in small packages. If there’s one car that substantiates that quote – it’s the Renault Clio RS.

With double-optic halogen headlights and offset LED daytime running lights, the front end of the RS pronounces its aggressive look. In addition, the RS includes a new bumper design, special RS spoiler and sits on a stylish 17” Alloy wheels sporting the signature RS badge, making it enchanting enough to stop traffic.

The racing-inspired interior of the RS comes with Renault sports seats with dark carbon fabric and a red top stitching, with the front featuring premium leather Renault sport seats

With the Media Nav 7” Multimedia, the controls to the navigation, radio and connectivity are on your steering wheel, helping you keep your eyes on the road ahead.

The Clio RS, – which is part of Renault’s Sports line, is a fiery hatch with a 1.6-litre turbocharged engine delivering a blistering 146kW of power.

Don’t miss out on an amazing opportunity to test drive this extraordinary hatch. Visit Bidvest McCarthy Renault, today!

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The Renault Ultimate Car Wash Guide

We’re all aware that Summer is around the corner, and people across the country are in a panicked state to transform their bodies or their wardrobes. With this in mind, we’re approaching this article by keeping in mind all those appearance-conscious guys ‘n gals (and not just of the anatomy).

There’s no denying that everybody who owns a Renault, appreciates their Renault a bit more when it looks squeaky clean and the paint is glistening just enough for you to see your own reflection. So, who can deny the justice served by a great carwash?

They say if you want to do something right, do it yourself, so sometimes taking your car to the carwash and trusting strangers to do a perfect job won’t be your first choice.

Here are a few tips on how to best wash your Renault, yourself.

Make sure you park the car away from direct Sunlight

This will buy you time and prevent any rapid drying, whilst washing.

Buy a Reputable Shampoo

If you use just any type of soap to wash your car, it might be deleterious to the car’s paint, so make sure it’s car-friendly.

Use a sponge

Avoid rough cloths when washing your car, as they may damage the paint or leave unplanned scratches on your car. A sponge is the perfect car-washing utensil, plus it won’t leave any of the fluff that usually remains when using a cloth.

Rinse & wipe

Once you’ve completed the wash, rinse down your Renault with a hose or a low-pressure washer. Once all the soap has vanished wipe your car with a soft micro-fabric.

Well there you have it folks – the most essential steps to washing your Renault so that it looks as good as new, this Summer.

If washing and shining your Renault isn’t enough for you, stop by your nearest Bidvest McCarthy Renault dealership for awesome Summer Specials on new, pre-owned and demo vehicles.



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Renault Megane, Through the Years

Classy, stunning and innovative – these are just some of the words that come to mind when the latest generation of the Renault Megane is mentioned.

For a decade, it has been a beacon of both style and fun for Renault. From first generation to current, it is the embodiment of Renault’s unwavering dedication to bold and sometimes cheeky design.

Who could ever forget the second generation Megane, and its “Shake It” advert?

The Megane has gone through some drastic, yet equally stylish transformations since it was introduced to the world in 1995. Below, we take a look at the Renault Megane through the years.

Megane I (1995–2002)

The first ever Renault Megane was introduced in 1995 as a replacement for the popular Renault 19. It shared a lot of its predecessor’s design traits; carrying over the 19’s chassis design, engines, floorplan and transmission.

Safety was a key focus for Renault, with the Megane becoming the first to reflect Renault’s focus of selling on safety. It featured a pillar-mounted three-point seatbelt for the middle-rear occupant, standard front belt pre-tensioners and load limiters, driver’s airbag and an innovative safety structure.


Megane II (2002–2009)

The second generation marked a completely new start for the Megan. Launched in 2002, it was a completely new car, inspired by Renault’s new design language. Due to its advanced features, the second generation Megane was named the European Car of the Year in 2003, recording impressive sales in most available markets, and achieving a 5-star EuroNCAP rating.


Megane III (2008–2016)

Launched in 2008, the third generation Megan was created to keep the range competitive. Renault promised no less than six variations, with each customised and configured to suit its target market. The latest generation of the Megane also brought a top spec GT version, which comes with more power and a sportier look.


Bidvest McCarthy Renault has the best deals on the third generation Renault Megane Hatch, as well as the Renault Megane Coupé.

We also have great deals on a host of new, pre-owned and demo Renault cars, so visit to find your perfect Renault match.

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Renault Sandero

Je m’apelle Renault Sandero

My name is Renault Sandero, and I am perfect for you.

Built and designed with you in mind, I am Renault’s answer to an affordable, spacious and stylish solution to moving from point A to B, with little hassle and in comfort. I am an entry level car, which offers you a whole lot more for your money.

I am a newer, slicker version of myself. Armed with fresh styling and plenty of the features you absolutely need to have, I believe that you and I would make the perfect match. I’m not just relying on my French charm to get you on my side, I have the proof to back it up.

I have all the stunning features to keep you satisfied, boasting a sound system which is Bluetooth, MP3, Aux and USB compatible. To go with my impressive new features, is my stunning new design. It was time for a facelift, and my new look – featuring softer finishes and subtle curves – will no doubt have onlookers gawking at our immense, stylish presence.

I am not just the exciting choice, I happen to be the safe choice, too. I am built to keep you and your passengers safe. ABS, Electronic Brake Assist and brake-force distribution ensure that you can always stop when you need to. Two front airbags, traction control and hill start assist add to our cocoon of safety.

Driving me is fun, as well. My 66kW turbo engine has been expertly assembled, using F1 technology, to reduce engine capacity and number of cylinders by adding a turbocharger. This, in turn, results in a powerful engine with performance similar to that of a larger engine, an improved fuel economy and reduced carbon emissions. My new engine combines driving pleasure and outstanding fuel efficiency. What more could you ask for?

Je m’apelle Renault Sandero, and you and I need to be together. You can find me at your nearest Bidvest McCarthy Renault dealership, from as little as R164 900.

Bidvest McCarthy Renault also has great deals on a number of stylish New, Pre-Owned and Demo Renault cars, so visit to find your perfect Renault match.

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